Kathmandu to Calcutta



Kathmandu to Calcutta  (25 June to 7 July 2001)
After nearly a month spent in Nepal, it was time to move on ! We headed towards the city of Darjeeling and the Province of Sikkim. This is the last leg of our journey towards the East before we head West towards Europe. We have also been following the Himalaya from West (in Pakistan) to East (Sikkim Province, India).  



The road from Kathmandu to the Province of Sikkim took us through the small village of Daman. This is the place from where the Himalayan range can be seen over a distance of nearly 100 km East to West. Only NOT during the monsoon season when clouds leave it to ones imagination to conceive what these must look like ! Nevertheless, a lot of the road up to Daman and down to the Terai lowlands took us through hundreds of hairpins and lush vegetation. 


The last city we were to visit in Nepal was the city of Janakpur. This is city is usually full of tourists but not Western tourists ! 


Selling "Tika" powder, Janakpur, Eastern Nepal.


Driving down to Calcutta has made us drive into the real India as Sikkim is inhabited by a majority of Nepalese who came to work in the tea plantations over the many years. On the morning of our departure from Darjeeling, there was yet another strike announced and we left at 4 am. We must have been fortunate because we got another good look at the mountains as the weather was clear.



Our drive to Calcutta was a long one : 700 km in some 15 hours ! 



But we are now safe and well in the city of joy !



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We are doing well !

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