Pakistani truck decorations



Pakistani trucks
Pakistani trucks must be one of the most recognisable features of the country ! It is said that many truck drivers, unable to marry because of lack of time or money, pour all of their money, love and inspiration into their vehicles. Traditionally these have been old style English Bedford trucks. With beautiful curves and old styling these must be a landmark of the country !





Nowadays modern trucks also get this same treatment giving them rather funny looks : a huge front bumper and a cap that must increase the height of the truck by up to 1.5 m.



Decoration workshops that can be found all over the country must make an absolute fortune from the sheer number of trucks on the road (we cannot remember seeing one that was not decorated) and the vast amount of work required for each vehicle. We even thought of introducing a beauty contest for trucks in Pakistan. Given support by a couple of large corporations (e.g. a petrol company could give a year of free fuel as 1st prize) we are sure his would be a hugely popular show !



Troopie gets Pakistani decoration !
We had wanted to give Troopie something to remember from Pakistan ! Finally we decided we would have her wheels painted in a local style. In Quetta, we found a small street lined up with mechanics and artists shops ! Foreigners arriving in what is considered a big and expensive car for some decoration caused quite a stir.



This is the result !

We are doing well !

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